Arduino workshop op het Javaeiland


Bedrading schema Arduino en Breadbard

Zondag 29 mei 2016 van 12:00 tot 18:00 is er weer een Arduino Workshop. Ditmaal op het Javaeiland in het kader van FabCity. De workshop zal gegeven worden in het Engels, maar er is voldoende tijd voor extra uitleg in het Nederlands.

Programming a robot or your own lights, with just a little computer and programming knowledge you are in control!

For Makerversity, IN2TECH provides an Arduino workshop to acquire all the basic knowledge you need. You’ll start with simple things like reading a joystick, controlling a three colored led, and positioning things with a servo motor.

At the end of the day, you’ll take your project home including an Arduino, a breadboard and the electronics used in the workshop.

This workshop is in English, extra explanation in Dutch will be provided when needed.